MactheRipper or AnyDVD - which one?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Val-kyrie, Dec 29, 2007.

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    I am in no way associated with AnyDVD, but I am now looking to back up my legally purchased DVDs to a harddrive. As a bi-platform user, I am more familiar with Windows tools for this so I would like some advice. I am considering purchasing AnyDVD software which is also on sale for an additional 20% off and will be changed to the Euro on Jan 1 because of the falling value of the American dollar. AnyDVD has a lifetime license and is updated on a regular basis to adjust to changes in DRM. Since I already use Fusion and run WinXP, using Windows based software is not a big deal.

    However, I am interested to know if MactheRipper used in conjunction with Handbrake is as effective as AnyDVD software. Also, is MactheRipper (and Handbrake) updated regularly? can they rip (legally owned) recent releases? Anything else to consider? Thanks.

    PS-I am aware of the gray zone created by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, but I don't need legal advice. I just would like information from MtR users.
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    Aug 6, 2006
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    AnyDVD Function

    AnyDVD has multiple components - all sold separately or bundled - but the three I am looking at include DVD and CD ripping (including copy protected content), Hi-Def ripping, and burning and editing (without first ripping to the HDD). More information may be found at
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    Aug 6, 2006
    MTP does ripping w/o compression
    Handbreak does ripping w compression

    Maybe AnyDVD does the job more easily, but MTP and Handbreak can do the job for free.
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    Dec 15, 2007
    Mactheripper is updated to remove most of the recent copy protection schemes, including Sony's ARccoS protection found on many new releases.

    See a list of Sony ARccoS protected DVDs here:

    After ripping the DVD video files with Mactheripper, you have a few options for compressing the files to fit a blank 4.5GB DVD.

    Mac Software

    DVD2oneX (about $55 USD, or 40 euros)
    Will only let you keep the main portion of the movie. However, this will result in the highest quality backup.

    Roxio Popcorn
    Allows more options for compressing the video files before burning, including removing languages and individual video titles

    PC Software

    You should be able to run the PC Software using a VM application, however, for best performance, I've read that Bootcamp is a better option.

    DVD Shrink (free)
    Best DVD compression software. Allows removal of languages, extras, previews, etc. DVD Shrink is the best possible way to customize your movie before burning.

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    Currently I use MacTheRipper and DVD2One on my PowerBook.

    I have come across some commercial DVD's that either to not get ripped correctly through MacTheRipper or DVD2One does not read them correctly, either way some of my stuff does not go so well.

    MacTheRipper is free and I think DVD2One is like $30.
    I say go with whatever you are comfortable with.
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    AnyDVD & CloneDVD are probably the best DVD copying programs out there, there's nothing for the Mac with the same ease of use.

    If you do much disc burning, Roxio Toast Titanium is an essential purchase. It includes automatic compression for shrinking DVD movies to fit 4.3GB media.

    It will not copy protected discs, so use something like Fairmount to allow you to rip the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard disc. It uses VLC media player to decrypt the DVD, so should work with the latest releases.

    You can use MacTheRipper, but the free version is a bit long in the tooth and won't rip some of the latest discs and you need to make "donations" to get the latest beta versions.

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