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Aug 6, 2007
Portsmouth, UK
For the information of those in the UK & EU, back in October I sent off my Aorus RX 580 to Marek, MVC's European representative in Poznan, Poland, for flashing. The UK seller of MVC flashed nVidia cards, MacStore UK, briefly offered pre-flashed RX 580s, but didn't offer flashing for customer cards, despite my entreaties, and are now back to selling nVidia cards only. Between the card making its way over there, five or six working days, Marek taking a few days to mod the card, and then the return delivery, the whole process took about three weeks from start to finish. Due to an unfortunate accident with a can of canned air and my flashed 4,1, on the very day I put the card back in, I've only got it back in a working system today (lengthy and unsuccessful repair process eventually resolved by getting a genuine 5,1 as replacement). Marek's services get an enthusiastic recommendation from me- excellent communication, prompt service, and he did a great job. The card has zero performance issues, and looks as good as new, no issues with port alignment. The Aorus Graphics Engine utilities for controlling settings under Windows 10 work as before, despite the EFI changes, which is handy.

Marek is also doing Vega 56 flashing & pre-flashed cards.


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Aug 6, 2007
Portsmouth, UK
The only money that exchanged hands was to get my card flashed, at full going rate. Marek certainly hasn't got the reputation for shady practice that Dave P (MVC) has acquired, and he's been trading a while now. I've had a good experience and wanted to share this for the benefit of anyone who might be interested in buying from him. Nothing more, nothing less.


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Jul 30, 2017
Rest assured, I was not paid to post the thread that I posted on my positive experience. We tend to forget, I think, that humans are much more likely to complain than they are to praise. This can lead to a skewed perspective of the product or service.

If I find a problem with a product or service, I post a critique. If I have good experience with a product or service, I post that as well.

No conspiracy here... just folks breaking the unrelenting stream of negative threads.


Probably, those posts are highly suspicious.


Jun 13, 2016
Is he paying people to post these now?? lol
I can't say that this is organic satisfaction report, but since OpenCore developers implemented BootPicker and BootScreens, the need for flashed GPUs for pre-boot configuration support is now practically dead for most advanced users that can configure OC by themselves.

I understand that this development got the flashing people by surprise and maybe they are trying to flash the most cards before everyone starts to use OC.

Anyway, OC developments are a godsend to people that still need pre-boot configuration support and it's excellent that we now have options.


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Aug 8, 2019
Berlin / Germany
I bought also an RX480 from MacVidCards Europe through eBay.
Shipping from Poland to Germany was very Fast (2 Days with DPD)
Card is working like expected, anything fine.

Since i purchased for the company and provided my VAT Number, the european VAT could be deducted i got official invoice with 0% VAT.

So got some money back (20%) to the same PayPal account.

After all, i can say the whole transaction was very smooth...
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