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    Weren't these happy, and especially exciting times?
    A few years ago my home page was the Mac Rumors 'Front Page'. Now replaced some time back by this forum's page. To be honest I can't remember the last time I logged onto or even briefly looked at the MacRumors home page, as one thing's for sure, there's nothing to excite me there these days. I don't doubt for a second there are thinner & thinner laptops and iPads all with built-in obsolescence, and iPhones that as soon as they're released will reveal faults due to insufficient 'real-world' testing.
    Now where's my G4 Pismo with SSD and 1GB memory for some real exciting fun!
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    They were indeed - the buzz around Macs that appeared so superior to their PC cousins was something that can't be repeated with present the moment anyway. Of course the hype was always different to reality - we had 600Mhz Pentium 3s at work and when the studio got one of the first Powermac appeared slower in many ways...
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    Thanks for sharing. I was searching for examples of late 90's (and y2k) graphic / web / DTP design earlier today and happened to stumble across the whole vaporwave music scene in the process (what a detour!). This ties my day's whole retro vibe together nicely.

    The website hosting the PDFs is quite the treasure trove of unorganized classic Mac software! I've uncovered a few gems, including MacFormat Floppy Archive.sit. I had many of these floppies in my collection of British mags during the 90s!
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    Thanks for sharing. I just got a lot of joy out of reading those. I really enjoyed the articles about the iBook Clamshell. My first Mac was a Clamshell and I still have one tucked away.
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    That cover of MacWorld with three or four blandly written article headlines is a contrast to today's busy covers.
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    Check out this site: I came across it recently, and it was fun reliving those heady times, from about 1999-2002. Apple on the comeback, resurgent under Steve, iconic designs one after the other (iMac, iMac G4, G4 tower, G4 Cube, Titanium PowerBook etc.). When computers were piling on the clock speed every year, and PPC and x86 were genuine rivals.

    What's uncanny, though, is how much things have also stayed the same. Even in those days, articles were criticising Apple's high prices, stingy default configurations, crippled entry-level models, secrecy about the roadmap, reluctance to offer extended repairs for design faults and so on. It's all eerily familiar.

    Objectively, modern machines are better designed. The iMac G4 was cool, but was also heavy, difficult to cool and had a complicated layout vs. just putting a flat motherboard behind an equally flat LCD. The G4 tower was a great size, and a gorgeous design, but the airflow was dreadful (doubtless because the CPUs in early ones barely used any power). But in those days, Apple the underdog, pulling out all the stops with flashy, characterful designs. As Apple grew, they got more conservative, until everything became a silver rectangle with rounded corners. Their modern stuff is great, and I use it daily, but the fun and excitement has definitely been lost.

    Also, Steve was the consummate salesman. His unveiling of the original iPhone was a total classic. Can't say I've ever watched a Tim Cook keynote.
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    I remember those old CDs!

    I might still have them somewhere...

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