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Apr 12, 2001

We've spent another long day combing the floors of Macworld San Francisco 2008 and posting some of the best of what Macworld has to offer. Here is a quick rundown of what the day brought:

- EA's Spore - a new Intel-only universe simulator
- Ecamm Network - a remote iPhone Camera proof of concept
- RAGE Software - webmaster tools
- Ntractive Elements SBM - hybrid desktop/web small business management application
- Ambrosia Software - WireTap Studio, Aquaria, and iToner
- Macworld Head Turners - products that made us look twice
- Opinion: The Other MacBook Air Market - a followup to the 'Lack of 3G a Deal Breaker' article.

Continuing coverage of Macworld San Francisco 2008 at

See Also: Yesterday's Wrapup, including Macworld Best of Show

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Jan 6, 2004
Western US
Worst MacWorld ever. And I've been to over a dozen. I used to look forward to this day for months, this year I was bored after 30 minutes. How many iPod accessories can you look at before your eyes glaze over? ATI and Nvidia blowing it off was a bummer.


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Feb 6, 2006
Amsterdam, NL
I agree that the airbook is perfect for non power users. I'll be buying 2 this summer -- one to replace my 17" powerbook, and one to replace my wife's 12" powerbook which she inherited from me. Lack of 3G doesn't really bother me that much, I assume I could probably get on via my mobile and bluetooth if I felt so inclined. Shiny screen, being way too large for a subnote, and the high pricetag are my only complaints.


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Nov 25, 2007
It makes me feel better that people are disappointed in this Macworld- at least I know this isn't the norm. I am not yet a Mac user, but will be soon. The MBA was such a huge disappointment though as it offers nothing I want over the current line up so I feel like I waited a long time to just buy a Macbook.

Conspiracy theory: Did Mac put the Air out knowing it would not be popular so that all those who wait for MWSF would buy up the Macbooks/Macbook Pro only to use all this new tech to put out something really cool with plenty of features at a price people want?


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Oct 26, 2006
Mac Gaming

One thing I continue to be severely disappointed with is the backing of gaming on macs. I have a dual boot set up on my Mac Pro because it's the only way I can play a decent selection of games. EA's announcement of Spore for Mac just proves my point because the port is using Transgaming's technology. I tried to play C&C 3 on my Mac Pro which also uses that trick and it was sooooo SLOW.

It was slow on a dual proc, dual core system with an X1900XT video card. Are you kidding me? When I play my games on the windows side they are, without fail, screamingly fast. I can crank up all the graphics settings to the max and it doesn't skip a beat. So it's not a hardware thing, it's all of that translation that's bogging it down.

I guess the assumption is that anybody who wants to play games will just go play them on a PS3 or an XBox, or dual boot, and be done with it.
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