Macworld UK: 'Apple 3G iPhone closing in on launch - UBS'

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by BoyBach, Feb 28, 2008.

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    - Macworld UK link
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    Macrumors member quotes Macworld quotes FoxBusiness, quotes UBS analyst:

    "German chipmaker Infineon Technologies AG will likely be supplying the new systems solution to Apple Inc.'s next-generation iPhone"
    "The broker said this is not yet the consensus view and could be a positive catalyst for the stock."
    "It also believes that 3G-enabled iPhones will be released by mid-year and that the current EDGE iPhone platform is being ramped down earlier than expected to "clean" inventories."

    3 cheers for the "analysts that get paid for this stuff.

    Hop onto and find some better info. Or add some!

    E.g. Motorola's already in bed with Infineon to make their custom 3G transceiver chip based on its existing Smarti UE device. Said to be shipping 4Q 2008 to selected customers. Infineon tunes its 3G transceiver for Motorola

    Other chips of interest:
    S-GOLD2 baseband
    SMARTi™UE+, XMM 6080 Platform (HEDGE)

    Other 3G chip players? Broadcom, TI, Samsung, Qualcomm, EMP, Freescale, Infineon, Philips, Agere...
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    Of concern to UK customers is the news today that O2's 3G roll-out is the worst of the five major networks. If they don't make 80% coverage by summer they will have the length of their 3G contract reduced (only be a few months but apparently the estimated losses are 40m pounds), currently they have about 75.7% coverage in the UK.

    Given how poor 3G coverage seems to be with the 'good' networks I would hate to see what it's like with the underachieving ones.
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