MacX DVD Ripper Giveaway (worth $59.95)


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Apr 12, 2014
Easter is coming soon, I'm going to take a holiday with my friend in Korea. To kill the boring time during the flight, I want to transfer some of my collected DVD (like Iron Man 3) to my iPad air for watching, when searching for the free solution, I just found this: MacX DVD Ripper Pro (Easter Edition). It was originally sold at $59.95, but now it ban be downloaded for free. I got one for myself. The license key and installation file are included in a zip file.
If you having any interests can get it here

PS: Copying DVD for commercial use is illegal. So just for fair use. :)
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Apr 18, 2011
West Sussex, UK
Link not correct or not working

Woodywoodz - your link is either incomplete or no longer available. Can you just re-check the link and repost it complete. Thanks