Made a mistake while partitioning hard drive, how to get it to normal

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by hookey37, Dec 6, 2011.

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    Dec 6, 2011
    Hello, I have had my MBA for a while, but got bored so I wanted to mix things up by putting Ubuntu Linux onto my computer by using boot camp, it worked great, the only problem was there was no room in the partitioned space for any updates for ubuntu to download, so I went back to OS X and ejected the partitioned hard drive I made for Ubuntu, obviously big mistake because I could have just gone into boot camp and deleted the partition from there, but now I can't. But after I thought okay I can probably do it manually in the disk utility, sadly I was able to delete all parts of the partition except for one little piece called linux swap, and it won't erase so I can't make my macintosh HD the entire hard drive like before. So basically my question is either how can I delete this piece of this partition, is there a way I can just reset my computer to the way it was before all this (make the partition all macintosh HD), or should I just avoid all of this and replace all of the software on this computer with Ubuntu Linux (which I really don't want to because I like OS X but I just want to mess around with Linux too)
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    Well, the rather extreme, but guaranteed option, is to get an external with a partition as large as your Mac HD boot partition, clone to it, boot from it, wipe the internal drive entirely and repartition to 1 partition, then clone back.

    Otherwise, your best bet may be to set up a bootable Linux partition on a USB flash drive or something, and use that to delete the swap partition--Gparted, I assume, though I have little non-server Linux experience.

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