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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by bchamorro, Oct 19, 2008.

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    I have FCE 4.01 installed and I just ordered Magic Bullet Looks. I hope it works!!!
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    Do post some screens and general thoughts of the program as it looks pretty good. I may be tempted to grab the wallet!
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    Reads error

    Hello all
    So im having a problem with magic bullet looks. I downloaded the magic bullet free trial for FCE 4.0.1. When I edit a clip I go to my effect and click Magic Bullet -Looks. When I click the edit button this appears ... What do they mean " make sure the latest graphics drivers are installed...please help!!

    Thank you

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    What graphic card do you have?


    Like Apple Motion, Magic Bullet Looks requires specific graphics card capabilities to run. Without the correct card, the software will not install or run, and the installer will warn you if you don't have the necessary graphics card installed in your system.

    Magic Bullet Looks supports a wide range of cards from both ATI or NVIDIA. For ATI cards, we require a 9600 XT or greater, or an X series card starting with the X700 series. Cards with greater model numbers and at least 128 MB of RAM can run the Looks engine.

    For NVIDIA cards, we support the 6600 model and higher or QuadroFX 1300 and up. Cards with higher model numbers and a minimum of 128 MB of RAM can run Looks. For users working with HD images, we require that the video card have at least 256 MB of RAM. In all cases, we suggest using the latest video drivers for your graphics card.

    Please Note Since all media is processed at 32 bit, you will absolutely need a 256 MB graphics card or larger. For newer cards from ATI and NVIDIA, we recommend a minimum of 320 MB of RAM. For 2K projects, we recommend 512 MB or a larger amount of RAM on the graphics card.

    read on

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    MB Looks is an awesome piece of software. They also have Quick looks which is pretty similar. You cannot adjust the pre sets though.

    Colourista is also pretty cool.

    Red Giant make some very nice software. In particular colour stuff that Stu Maschiwitz has input in.
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    I have been using MB Looks for a year or two and I like it a lot. Color is capable of much better output, but it takes a lot more time (a LOT more) to tweak. Looks is super quick to use. It has a lot of presets and they are very easy to adjust.
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    I just got "Looks" and it is really good. I recommend anyone considering getting it hop along to

    Not only is Philip a really interesting filmmaker but there is a 20% discount code on the page I linked to.

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