Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by strategicthinke, Jul 14, 2017.

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    hi everyone

    I'll be buying a new iPad Pro 10.5 in a week time, and I am wondering how awkward does the new Magic Keyboard look with the new iPad. I used to have the previous Wireless Keyboard with my iPad Air 2 but the fact that the width of the iPad was much narrower than the keyboard's width made it look clumsy and "not organic" at all.
    It may be a bit futile and superficial, but looks and design matter more for me than the functionality (that is, both the Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard give me about the same speed... that's an approximation from my experience using the new MacBooks keyboard and Logitec's Keys To Go with my iPad after the failed attempt to use Apple's Wireless Keyboard with it).
    Again, please don't bash me, but I hate the dark grey color of the Smart Cover. All my devices use white cases, and I love Apple's aesthetic choice of going all clean-White, so I do wonder how does the iPad Pro 10.5 look with the Magic Keyboard... Is the keyboard too high and "hits" the bottom part of the iPad screen? (That happened with the iPad Air 2 and the Wireless Keyboard, looked clumsy to touch the screen if the Keyboard was too close to the iPad screen.)
    Does the Smart Cover provide as much stability to the iPad being touched while editing text as the Smart Keyboard cover does?
    Does anyone have a picture of that combo? And, finally, does not having a row of function keys in the Smart Keyboard make the movement of touching the iPad screen any less tiring? Or is it irrelevant in your experience?
    Thanks a lot, everyone!
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    I currently use a Magic Keyboard with my iPad mini and iPad Pro. However I'm consolidating and getting a 10.5 in a few days, with which I'll be using the magic keyboard as well. If you haven't already gotten yours I'll post some pictures when I do. However I usually don't use the keyboard pushed up right against the iPad so I feel like it probably wouldn't look bad or anything. I also almost exclusively use my keyboard at my desk and rarely travel with it - the on screen keyboards work perfectly well for me for when I'm on the go.

    I like the magic keyboard a lot and feel like people often forget that it's there as a slightly cheaper and more laptop-like alternative to the ASK.

    Things I like: it's still super compact and light for when I do need to travel with it but still offers the same nice keyboard I was used to on my laptop; it has a physical off switch for when I do put it in my bag, so that key presses don't activate my device (or when my cat decides to walk across my keyboard, LOL); I only need to recharge it every few months; when I do recharge it I use the same cable as the iPad; looks nice and unobtrusive on my desk; matches my silver and white iPads.

    The one thing I wish is that the keys that would activate Launchpad and mission control on macOS worked for their iOS equivalents, ie the home screen and app switcher respectively. As it is now they don't do anything when pressed on iOS. The volume/media/brightness keys work just fine though, which is nice.

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