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Magic keyboard vs butterfly keyboard feel


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Dec 28, 2018
I only own the magic keyboard, but I did try out the butterfly ones in the store display macbooks. I feel like the Magic Keyboard has more travel and tactile feedback. But both weren't bad to type on as far as speed and comfort. But I haven't had extensive use with the butterfly KB. Personally I feel like the Magic Keyboard felt better was my immediate reaction. But otherwise they weren't too dissimilar. Just the shorter key travel.


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Jul 29, 2011
How similar is the feel of the Magic Keyboard to the butterfly keyboard?

I’d say that the current magic keyboard (I have the version with the number pad) is about a half-way house between the butterfly keyboard and the old-style “unibody” (and older external wired/wireless keyboards) in terms of feel and key travel.

The magic KB is still a “scissor” mechanism like the older keyboards but the key travel was reduced as part of the re-design, but it’s still not as extreme as the MacBook butterfly KB.

Which you prefer is going to be subjective, but it’s not the same mechanism so there’s no reason to expect the magic KB to share the butterfly’s dust issues.


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Oct 5, 2010
I recently purchased the Magic Keyboard (w/number pad) and, as theluggage stated, it's a scissor-style keyboard like the older keyboards. Unlike theluggage, I didn't really notice it being noticeably different than my older 2013 MacBook Pro 13's keyboard.
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