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Nov 4, 2013
After months of eagerly awaiting the release of a stand alone keyboard with Touch ID I am happy to say it was worth the wait. It's a subtle and refined upgrade. It feels dense and robust. It's only slightly heavier than the MK2, yet the difference is quite noticeable. A+ for build quality. Another thing I like is that the bottom is now matte. No more hideous scratches! The pads seem to have a stronger grip as well. Another thing a lot of people don't mention is the tactile feel of the Touch ID button. It's clicky and stiff. It feels just like the button on the MacBooks. It was quite a pleasant surprise.Touch ID is fast and responsive. I love how quickly I can lock and unlock my Mac with one button. Overall I'm very impressed. I really can't see myself going back to another keyboard after using this one. I've always loved the Magic Keyboard, and Touch ID has taken it to the next level.


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Apr 15, 2012
I got to briefly try one the other day. Seems to have a slightly softer feel in a good way.


Aug 7, 2019
Australia, Sydney
Wow, magic keyword. You come up with a great info. The Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro has a fantastic set of keys, a built-in touchpad, and user-friendly design. It's also the closest thing an iPad has to a full-fledged Laptop experience.


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Jan 10, 2007
Have two questions about this keyboard as I just bought the numeric keyboard version of this for the upcoming 16" M1X MacBook Pro being announced next week. I am going to use the MBP as a desktop device with an external monitor.

So, first question...

How long is the braided USB-C to Lightning Cable that comes with this keyboard?

Second question...

Does that cable need to be plugged into the MBP in order for the Touch ID to work, or, can that Touch ID work wirelessly? I don't want the keyboard to be hindered by the length of the supplied cable and hope that it can be used entirely wirelessly.


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Aug 29, 2010
I don't understeand why they didn't go for the inverted T arrow keys. They recently done that for the M1 laptops. I can't use those full keys at all :(
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