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Feb 5, 2009
Hi guys,

With the release of Lion and the massacre of PowerPC apps, I've lost Magic Menu. For those who don't know what Magic Menu was, it was an app that allowed the user to hide/unhide their task bar. I have yet to find a suitable replacement. Right now I'm using Eclipse, but all that does is make the task bar fade away; I still can't move my browser to the top of the screen where it belongs. Menu Eclipse 2 in the app store seems to offer the same service that Eclipse offers; I don't want to make my task bar blend in, I want to hide it. Anybody know of any other programs that I can use to actually hide my task bar again?

- TC


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Aug 1, 2011
With the release of Lion and the massacre of PowerPC apps, I've lost Magic Menu....
- TC
I have the same problem, and I have found something regarding some Xcode keys at this link

what we need is the Xcode that use the following keys
enum {
...but I do not have enough experience to apply it.

Is there anybody to show an example ?

Before with MagicMenu this was easy to implement also in applications written in LabVIEW.
It was enough to drag the LabVIEW 8.2 executable file (the .app) to the icon of MagicMenu and that's all.

Now with Mac OS X Lion this is not more possible.

Hoping someone can help.


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Sep 10, 2009
Does the 'full screen' mode get rid of/hide the task bar? I would have thought that was one of the advantages of it...hmmm.

What's needed is the option to have the task bar on 'autohide' - yes, as is possible in windows world (well my old XP world anyway ;) ). Extremely useful with smaller screens, like 11" Air or the old Sony TX i had which had the same Air 11" screen resolution.

Soon as you move your cursor up to the top/bottom of screen (where the task bar usually is) it appears - and disappears once you've used it and moved away...

Hopefully this feature will be available somehow by the time i consider changing from my lovely 13" Macbook Pro to an 11" Air.... and by that time maybe Apple will increase the screen size also in same physical package (make the bezel smaller and get a custom screen size).

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