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Sep 18, 2011
Hi everyone,
My magic mouse just stopped scroll 5 minutes ago. I had my MacBook sleeping since about 12:30 PM, came back from lunch at around 2:20 PM, woke up my MacBook, went to scroll on a web page, and I couldn't. I tried it in Twitterific, Sparrow, Chrome, iTunes, and it won't scroll anywhere. I still can control the mouse with it, but when I slide my finger over it, nothing happens. I'm sure I'm doing the gesture right, because I've had the mouse since February of 2010 and have had no problems ever until now. I tried cleaning the mouse, deleting it and readding the mouse, nothing works. Please tell me what you think. Thanks.

I restarted my MacBook and mouse started working again.
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Nov 3, 2009
Hi, I have owned my macbook pro for over a year now and few month after that got the bluetooth magic mouse and wireless keyboard.
Past two days, they just havent been working as they have been. Mouse is slow then itll just stop working altogether and the keyboard wont either. Very strange. (and yes, both have 100% health)

Any tips here? Or is apple making me buy the wired versions ? haha


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Jun 26, 2011
i have used my magic mouse for a year 。the touch function of the top panel still working great... but the optical dead a month ago. cursor not working :(

i had never use a mouse dead in a year :mad: i dont trust apple mouse anymore
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