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May 4, 2008
East Haven, CT
I have been reading a bunch of stuff out there about customizing the magic mouse. Obviously there is multiclutch and better touchpad (i think) and they are supposed to allow the ability to customize certain motions/gestures to make expose and spaces open (as well as a few other things that were previously available on the mighty mouse).

Then I read another thread here about a new firmware update to the magic mouse that allowed for more control. I do not see anywhere else that posted about an update

So does one exist?

The only thing i really care about is the expose. I never use hotspots on a screen, so keeping this function will really help.

Otherwise i absolutely LOVE this mouse. The form fits my hand perfectly and really helps with my wrist problems. I couldn't be happier with the form.. i just want the function to get up to speed.

Oh.. and one more.. I read somewhere that there is better right click abilities.. is there? I am used to ctrl+click... now what can I do?


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Jun 23, 2009
You should take a look at BetterTouchTool ( You can add a lot of functions to the mouse with a lot of different gestures. Here's what I added to mine:

3 fingers tap: Dashboard
3 fingers swipe down: Exposé (to mimmick touchpad 4 fingers swipe down)
3 fingers swipe up: Desktop (same thing here)
3 fingers click: Middle-click or Cmd-click so I can open new tabs in FireFox with links.

A lot more options are available, it's up to you to see what fits your needs!
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