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May 6, 2010
Solely because Serif don't write for Mac, I created a Bootcamp partition and installed Windows x32 and enjoyed full functionality of the Magic Mouse. However, I subsequently realised the partition was too small at just 32GB, and it only gave me 3GB of RAM for some reason, despite this being an 8GB device. So, I deleted the partition, and created a new even-share partition, installing Windows x64 instead.

Now my Magic Mouse doesn't scroll, either up / down or left / right.

To aim to remedy this problem, I:

1. Re-installed AppleWirelessMouse64.exe. That didn't make any difference.
2. Installed AppleWirelessMouse645.exe. That didn't appear to change anything either.
3. Installed the Sidewinder x8 driver from Microsoft, IPx64_1033_7.10.344.0.exe. And that also didn't work.

I restarted the PC after these installations and that didn't make any difference.

So I'm stuck with a very nice mouse in Mac that's a very mediocre mouse in Windows. I am hoping some nice clever person has found a workaround that they're willing to share here.

Many thanks in advance.


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Feb 10, 2011
I had the same issue about no scrolling on my HP laptop, but I could not even install the AppleWirelessMouse644.exe drivers as I immediately get a popup saying 'this version of the file is incompatible with the version of Windows you're running'.
I set compatibility to Vista, SP1, SP2 and 'Run As Administrator' but no

The Mouse ran fine on my Macbook Air with Bootcamp installed though.

The fix I found in the end was to download this version of the driver, and now the mouse has full functionality:!download|617tl|364499066|AppleWirelessMouse645.exe
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