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Mar 12, 2019
Hey guys and gals looking for a little help. Just curious if you have seen this before. I have a macbook pro 2016 I get a image of the magic mouse on startup saying to turn on the mouse. I have never connected a mouse to it before. The battery is completely dead and won't hold a charge. Do you think all of this being caused by the bad battery or is the motherboard toast. Thank you


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Jul 30, 2003
The image means that your Mac is expecting to find a mouse connected. It's looking for a bluetooth mouse, so you might be able to avoid that image by turning the bluetooth card off.
However, with a dead battery, the bluetooth may turn back on when you next boot up, as you would reset to factory defaults.
PROBABLY, just the dead battery, when your MBPro loses its settings each time you turn your MBPro off, and unplug the power adapter.
Or, you could simply plug in a cheap wired (USB) mouse. That will bypass the bluetooth search for a mouse. ANY USB mouse will help you. You don't need to find an Apple-brand mouse
(The real fix: Replace the battery)


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Sep 6, 2002
Since the machine can boot to display an image on the screen, I'd say the motherboard is fine. Replace the battery.
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