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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by brilor04, Aug 19, 2014.

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    Oct 21, 2009
    Hey Everyone,

    I have a 15" MBP always in Clamshell mode with 2 27" Thunderbolt displays. I've recently upgraded my MBP by removing the superdrive, placing a hdd enclosure in there and put a 250GB SSD in it's place. I then replaced the original HDD with another 250GB SSD. The MBP sits in an IKEA napkin holder so it's upright and sits behind one of the displays. I've been noticing a lot of lag with my Magic Mouse lately and it's getting kinda annoying. I've activated the Bluetooth preferences and I'm noticing anything from -61dBm to -69 dBM's and not sure if that's the issue. I've also cleaned the sensor, tried another mouse pad, tried using just my desk, tried moving the MBP to the side of my desk all with no luck. The MBP sits on the same desk as my monitors and the depth of the desk is only about 36" so it's not too far away. I did move the MBP to within only 1' of the mouse and it's still laggy. Anyone else have this issue and know how to fix it? I found a Youtube video and some guy mentions shutting it off, removing the device and adding it as a new device and he claims it works, but it didn't work for me. Any advice would help! I'd hate to have to go to a Microsoft mouse or any other mouse with a Bluetooth dongle since I like the Magic Mouse and what it's capable of.


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    Sep 3, 2014
    This is the latest post about this issue??

    I have the exact same problem as you, and there is no ********** solution without buying a god damn dongle (even that won't assure you it's fixed).

    Macbook Pro 13 early 2011, i5, 256 GB SSD, 8GB ram, Apple wireless keyboard... and that wretched mouse.

    The MBP is connected to an Asus PA238 screen.

    This is driving me crazy, but many people think the problem is with the routers channel and the channel of the mouse interfering with eachother. I have been experimenting with this today. It seems as there is something to this. To my great dismay, when I find a channel where my mouse will function somewhat normal, this coincides to also be a channel where network speed suffers. As usual, Apple ignores this, or refuses to admit there even is an issue (if someone has seen otherwise, I will stand corrected).

    If you find a lasting solution, please share!

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