Magic Mouse tracking speed, has it been fixed?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by bbnck, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Mar 19, 2009
    The Magic Mouse I purchased was purchased last year and I had tracking slowness issues since I updated to 10.6.2. My friend said he went into an Apple retail store (recently) and he said one of the staff members there had told him that the Magic Mouses were recalled at that particular store and they're getting new deliveries of the magic mouse soon, due to some problem with them. Another friend who has a 24" iMac recently (very recently) purchased a magic mouse and he said he has no such tracking slowness issues like a lot of people have been experiencing since updating to include the multi touch features.

    I just want to ask for those that have very recently purchased a Magic Mouse, have you had any tracking issues, or for those that recently got the magic mouse replaced, has the tracking issue gone? I'm unsure whether Apple recalled their mouses from the retail store because of the tracking issue (whether its software related or not?) or because of the battery drainage issue (which I know has been fixed with an update). Just wanted to ask before I go out and purchase a new magic mouse, as 3 months later Apple haven't released an update to the tracking issue that's reported.
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    May 5, 2008
    I just picked up a Magic Mouse today (MB829LL/A model A1296) and set it to maximum tracking. It is every bit as responsive and speedy as my old (wired) Mighty Mouse. Definitely more accurate. I hadn't read of any changes, but was expecting to have to use third party software to "speed up" the tracking. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this will not be needed.
    It is MUCH more comfortable to use in the relaxed, sitting, home environment (rather than standing over a display set up). Scrolling is fantastic! The only thing I genuinely miss is the quick/easy expose' access (squeeze on the Mighty Mouse).

    3.06 24" iMac
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    New Yawk
    I purchased a Magic Mouse from Best Buy a couple of weeks ago. The mouse was from a shipment they had just received and therefore probably has a pretty recent build date.

    I bought the mouse to replace a Microsoft Arc Mouse that I use daily with my 17" MBP. My MBP still runs 10.5.8 so I installed the Magic Mouse update for Leopard (which was offered via Software Update). As for the tracking speed... bleh. Using the only reference point I have (the Arc Mouse), the tracking of the Magic Mouse is much slower, though it does feel more precise. I have to crank the tracking speed in Sys Prefs to max (or higher via a defaults write -g 6 or similar command). Note that if you set tracking speed to max using the gui in Sys Prefs, this equates to; for comparison, this setting for my Arc Mouse is 0.6875 and, despite being numerically lower, it feels much snappier than the MM with scaling set to 3.

    I'm considering using Better Touch Tool, like many users have, for a better overall Magic Mouse experience.

    Just my $0.02.

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