Magic Mouse turning it off


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Nov 30, 2009
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I tried googling this right after I bought my new iMac (on black friday). There is a little switch at the bottom of the magic mouse for turning it on/off. My question is every time I turn off my computer should I switch the button to the off position? Is there any benefit from leaving it on/off?


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Nov 22, 2009
I believe you don't have to turn it off every night or whenever you turn your computer off as it puts itself to sleep and manager that very well.

I don't yet own the magic mouse as it will arrive with my new imac, but i've read somewhere on french forums that there is no need to turn it off.


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Dec 8, 2008
When I put my iMac to sleep

I also put a little blanket, a sock, over the Magic Mouse so it doesn't get cold at night. :rolleyes:

It appears that the Mouse and Keyboard both go to sleep with the iMac, and a gentle touch to either immediately wakes up the iMac. I'm surprised at how fast the iMac comes out of sleep mode and is ready go. :D

I'm really enjoying both the Mouse and keyboard. I find the Magic Mouse is like having a Touch Pad for my desktop. :cool::cool::cool:
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