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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by archer75, Jul 26, 2011.

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    I'm trying to diagnose my mom's issue with her magic mouse and iMac remotely but no luck.

    She changed the batteries in her mouse and now the mouse won't connect. Batteries are in the right way and the it's turned on and you can see the green light but it won't connect. I had her reboot the iMac and click the mouse but it just won't connect.

    logmein is no longer working under Lion, which she is running, so i'm unable to even try and remote in.
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    Unfortunately, if the pairing record is damaged or otherwise not working, it must be removed, which is only be possible with a USB mouse. Start the process with the Magic Mouse turned off. Have her go to Bluetooth preferences, remove the entry for the Magic Mouse, and only after clicking the + to try re-adding should she flick the switch to power up the mouse. Make sure the LED blinks twice every 2-3 seconds, this means it's in discoverable mode. Once the mouse appears in the list try re-adding. If there are issues pairing, try again after removing the batteries, flicking the switch to the on position for 15-20 seconds, reinstalling the batteries.
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    Also, LogMeIn works ok for me in Lion.... Are you sure it's the latest version?
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    Instructions if a mouse isn't available

    Hey - I know this topic is old but this just happened to me and I wanted to give directions for solving the problem without a USB mouse or remote access.

    1. Turn on full keyboard access - this allows you to access every user-accessible part of every window using just a keyboard. Do this by pressing:

    [control] + [function] + [F1]
    (or just control-f1 if your keyboard is set to use standard function keys)

    2. Set this mode to allow tab to move to all user-accessible parts of the window. Do this by pressing:

    [control] + [function] + [F7]
    (again, you can omit the function key if you keyboard uses standard function keys)

    3. Move the keyboard focus to the menu bar. Do this by pressing:

    [control] + [function] + [F2]
    (I'll assume you get the picture from here out out if you use standard function keys)

    You should see a blue highlight on the apple in the top left of your computer.

    4. Navigate to system preferences by pressing the down arrow. When you get to it, press enter to launch system preferences.

    5. Move the focus to the menu bar (step 3) and then navigate to view (right arrow) and down to bluetooth (down arrow). Press enter to go to the bluetooth page of system preferences.

    6. Use the tab key to move the focus to the pane that shows what bluetooth devices you have paired to the computer. Once you are in that pane, use the arrow keys to select the mouse record that is broken.

    7. With the mouse record selected, use the tab key to move the focus to the minus key below that pane (if it just moves between the panes and the search bar, try step 2 again and come back).

    8. "Press" the minus button by using the spacebar. You may get a dialogue box asking if you are sure. Move the focus using tab and select delete using spacebar or enter. The broken mouse record should be removed from that pane.

    9. Move the focus to the plus button using tab (note: you can use shift-tab to make the focus move backward). "Press" it using the spacebar.

    10. Wait for your mouse to appear in the setup assistant. If it doesn't, flip the power switch on the mouse off and on. [Augment this step as necessary with the tips from JediMaster above].

    11. Move the focus to the pane with your mouse (use tab) and use the arrow keys to select your mouse.

    12. With your mouse selected, move the focus to the continue button. "Press" it using the space bar. The mouse should pair with your computer and you should be able to use it again. If not, the problem is likely with the mouse itself.

    I hope this is useful to someone.

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