Magic Tangram

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    Magic Tangram

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    Tangram is a traditional game of hundreds of years.It works in a really simple way.

    Once you start to play you won't be able to stop!

    The goal of this game: combine the given sets of blocks in a right way to get the same shape as the example.You can move,rotate or flip the block as you want.

    It's so easy to play it.
    To move it, just touch it and drag it anywhere.
    To rotate it, just touch and drag the outside(vertex) of the block, the rotate it.
    To flip it, just touch the block to select it, the click "flip".

    - Easy to play - Just one finger touch control.
    - Absolute addictive game play - everyone played this game will confirm: it's one of the most addictive puzzle games.
    - Great fo all ages.Especially good for early childhood education.
    - So many level shapes - Over 30 levels with different shapes and solutions.More levels will coming soon.
    - Support Game Center leaderboard and achievements!

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    I just played 1st level, cost 20m.
    and it seems more than one answer?!
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