Magnetic straps vs compass?


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Oct 1, 2009
I was looking at straps in the Apple Store ahead of getting a S5 and the sales guy said there were some reports that the magnetic straps (leather, Milanese, etc) could potentially mess up the new compass in the S5.

I’ve not read that anywhere, was he misinformed or is there an issue?


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Sep 3, 2009
You can also see under the band itself.

it’s under manufacturers note.

band is not water resistant and it says band contains magnets and may cause interference with with Compass on Apple Watch


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Jun 14, 2010
"may" != "will"

I doubt there will be an issue _in practice_ as the strap magnets are a ways away from the watch body. If you've taken off the strap and are holding it against the case in the right spot it might affect the compass.

Once people have the watches in hand in two days I'm sure we'll find out the reality of whether there's really an issue.

My experience with magnets and Apple compass sensors:
When I had my iphone7 I used a case with four magnets embedded in it, they had corresponding magnets on the car mount. Worked well. No issue with the compass. Switched to an iphone Xs and bought the corresponding case. One of the magnets in the case was in just the right spot to affect the Xs's compass as it's apparently built into a different spot. I removed that magnet from the case (left the other three) and the problem was solved.

Net was that magnets only had an effect if they were right up close to the sensor.
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