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    So i recently purchased a 2015 Macbook air 13', however to my horror it piled on top of a cheap sony vaio that has these weirdo magnets on it. how susceptible is the macbook air to magnet damage? And I don't just mean LCD screen and SSD drive damage, i know those are low risk, but what about other electronics inside?

    What exactly is the status quo with modern electronics and magnets? Most of the articles i can find are quite old and out of date.
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    I think if the magnet is not strong enough, you don't need to worry about? Maybe a magnetic field test would help you out.
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    Not susceptible to damage, unless you have some of the old magnetron magnets that used to be used in radar sets.

    There is already a fairly strong magnet inside all Mac laptops, which initiates sleep mode when the lid is closed.
    It's one of the things that can cause problems if you stack your MBAir directly on top of an iPad that has one of the cases with a magnetic enclosure (or the random cheap Sony Vaio, I suppose)
    It can cause your MBAir to go to sleep if that external magnet is placed near the lid sensor.
    You prevent that by keeping your MBAir away from random magnets :D

    There is nothing inside your MBAir that can be damaged by a magnet, although I would not place it inside a medical scanner, I suppose. Hard to tell what might happen in that event.
    To answer your question more directly, the Sony Vaio would cause no damage, but could simply trigger sleep in the MBAir.
    Physical separation will fix any issues that you see.
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    that makes me feel better

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