MagniFusion: Push, Combine, Squash and Pop - by Toco Games

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    Addictive size and color combination gameplay where you push special chemical bubbles directly with your finger!

    New Launch Trailer:

    Energy needs to be obtained from special chemically produced bubbles! Combine bubbles of the same size and color by pushing them with your finger to create bigger bubbles.

    Merge bubbles to make them bigger and bigger and try to make the awe-inspiring Magnificent Bubble! Use the power of lasers to pop the bubbles and receive points from their energy. The bigger the bubble, the more energy is stored - harvest the energy of the biggest bubbles to earn the most points!



    But that's not all you can do! In Puzzle Mode, discover all kinds of levels that challenge your brain as well as your dexterity. 70 unique levels are packed with beautifully drawn steampunk-style obstacles which you will need to overcome, as well as crystals to add to your points total!

    The combination of arcade and puzzle gameplay packed with 2D physics bubble-merging action makes this a unique and addictive game. The smooth touch controls are intuitive and ensure that this game is very easy to pick up and play. 3 arcade modes and 70 Levels in the puzzle mode offer an exciting and challenging experience for everyone! The scientist will support you through the game and gives tips and tricks. Master the game - climb up the highscore lists, earn trophies, and unlock special extra modes!



    - 3 addictive arcade modes
    - Easy touch controls
    - Puzzle mode with 70 Levels
    - Wide variation in the levels
    - All kinds of puzzle elements
    - Precise 2d physics engine
    - Smooth and polished gameplay
    - Beautiful steampunk look
    - Cutting-edge graphics
    - Tips and tricks system
    - OpenFeint integration
    - 23 highscore lists
    - 20 trophies/achievements
    - Unlock special extra modes!

    What the Press says:
    "I have been lucky enough to be playing this addictive and refreshing puzzler for a few days now and I’m happy to say you won’t regret it when you get your hands on it. The game mechanics are easy to learn and fun to master."
    "The combination of arcade and puzzle action wrapped in a great 2D physics game makes “MagniFuson” an exciting and diversified game for young and old."

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