MagSafe Adapter Key Ring Now Available on Kickstarter

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 7, 2013.

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    The MagSafe Adapter Key Ring began as a simple 3D printing project, but because of the popularity of the accessory, creator Jonathan Bobrow launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a new and improved version.

    Now named the KeyBit, the MagSafe Adapter Key Ring produced via the Kickstarter campaign will feature an improved manufacturing process that results in a nickel-plated milled steel product. As with the original version, the KeyBit is an accessory that is designed to attach to Apple's MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter, preventing the small converter from becoming lost.

    The KeyBit attaches magnetically to the converter to hold it in place when not in use and it also includes the option for a 3D printed cover, which comes in a variety of colors. A standard KeyBit requires a $15 pledge, while a KeyBit with the cover costs $20.

    The KeyBit has an estimated delivery date of August 2013, but a $30 donation will net backers a standard KeyBit along with a printed version to be mailed immediately after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

    Article Link: MagSafe Adapter Key Ring Now Available on Kickstarter
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    Jul 15, 2011
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    Are there really that many people that need to carry them on their keychain? Why not leave it on your charger? It stays nicely and it would seem everyone I know throws their charger in a bag so the chances of it falling off and getting lost are much less than if you put it on your keychain.
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    I have the adapter and it has come in handy - many people I know have MBP's so when I am with them I can get a quick charge in even though I have magsafe 2.

    But I just keep this in a zippered pouch in my laptop bag as I pretty much never have my laptop without its bag...
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    Jun 24, 2007
    Meh... I have a rMBP and MBP and have never felt the need for such a silly accessory.
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    Yay now I can easily accidentally de-magnetize the magnetic stripes on my credit cards and hotel keycards simply by putting them in my pocket with my keys, without having to wait for my cell phone or computer speakers to do it for me. ;)
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    That's a bit pricey. £11 (+£6 shipping) for a little metal square with a magnet?

    Costs more than the adapter itself! (and that's from Apple)
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    Dec 7, 2012
    Personally I can't always leave mine on my charger because I still have a computer that doesn't use Magsafe 2, so I take it off when I need to use the charger for that computer. I already lost my converter unfortunately :(
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    May 16, 2012
    Err, sorry, dumbest thing I've seen in a very long time for Macs. And I've been using (hey, it's an addiction) since 1990.

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    Feb 7, 2013
    This is pretty nifty.

    Pledged for one for my sister, she's lost like 4 of them already :p
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    Pfffft! Get with the programme ! School boy error, it's only magical and revolutionary if apple produce it.

    Eg Thunderbolt docks do not get much lovin on MR, given thier $$$$$$$$$ magical cost.
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    Jul 16, 2002
    FYI for those interested in this project, in the Kickstarter Calender, August 2013 occurs during April 2014 of the Gregorian Calendar.
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    I could see it useful if you have friends with older MacBooks and you forget your charger at home. The interior of my laptop bag has a place where you can clip a key chain. If I had a newer MacBook I would just hang the adapter there and keep it for emergencies.
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    Why not gasp just buy a 2nd power adapter and never deal with this issue as long as you live?

    99% of people are doing this because of work/home different setups… Leave one at both locations. :p
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    in a ziplock bag inside a car's trunk
    price, i guess. over here the power adapters are a bit expensive.

    anyway, it's a nice idea if you switch a lot between the two. otherwise i guess you can just throw the adapter anywhere in your bag and fish for it only when needed.

    one thing i can't understand is charging extra for the cover. seems to me like the adapter may fall off of it at some point (like when you shake your keys when starting a car). i think they need to implement a cover to any model they offer
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    Maybe I'm stupid, but what does this thing actually do? What is it an adapter for?

    Edit: NM, I just looked at the Kickstarter page and figured it out. I had no idea people even needed these.
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    magsafe adapters are cheap enough to buy a few to keep in different locations.
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    Hah!! True!!
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    Am I the only one who does not understand what this thing does?
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    it's a combo

    the adapter adapts, the key ring holsters
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    Nope. I've had to do some digging just to understand it.

    Apple's site explains the need for the adapter.

    So if you have a MagSafe charger and you have a computer that came with the MagSafe 2, then you can use this adapter. You can buy one and have it on your keys or 3 and toss them in various places so you always have them. (car, bag, home).
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    Oct 7, 2005
    The original magsafe power supply that came with my macbook pro lasted just a little over two years before the cable broke -- at the base of the power supply. I was VERY careful with this one too! Never used those stupid pull-out hooks (coz from my previous powerbook power supply this resulted in the cable being broken in MULTIPLE places)!

    Imagine the feeling of shelling out that much to use your old power supply only to find out you'll have to buy a new one in a couple months' time anyways!!

    I still think Apple should design the cables on their power supplies to be removable/replaceable. But hey... Apple needs money.


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