Magsafe adapter's insulation splitting near connector

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by neowin, Jun 16, 2012.

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    I have a MBP which is less than a year old. The adapter's insulation started showing lot of compression at the connector a month back. This became so bad that it split. As shown in the pics. I have used the adapter in normal way. I used to roll it around the adapter when going to college everyday. Thats the only thing that i can think of which might lead to this kind of compression. Is this kind of wear and tear common?

    I went to Apple store and they told user wear and tear and cannot be covered under warranty. Was pissed of for a while because I though Apple took care of these kinda design issues . But then again, I might be doing something wrong, so let me know what i should do to avoid this in future.

    This adapter is ruined and have to buy another one and I do not want this to happen again.

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    Apple replaced the adapter for the same problem on my wife's MacBook. Guess it depends on the Genius.
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    I would make another run at apple to get a replacement. You can also escalate it to their executive support team. Simply wrapping up and using a portable power supply shouldn't cause it to fall apart.

    You may just want to go to another apple retail store if one is nearby and see if they will replace it.

    You can also call AppleCare and see if they will replace it via mail.
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    i have same issue as OP with the cable near the connector starting to break apart.... for me its a simple hole kinda..... this charger was replaced once under warrenty for damage to the cord around the connecter.... so will apple replace it a second time?

    p.s what causes the cable to go yellow near the top end of it?

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    These are the only support articles I could locate in relation to physical damage to power adapters:

    About Apple's Power Adapter Replacement Program -- U.S. only

    Apple Portables: Reducing cable strain on your MagSafe power adapter

    I figure the determination of in/out of warranty has to do with the extent of the damage. If it's slightly worn as it appears in the first support article, then it qualifies for replacement. The severity of the damage in the pics posted by the OP is something that would appear to have developed by continuing to use the adapter after the initial signs of damage had appeared or was caused by an object rolling over the wiring crossways, and not covered by warranty.

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