magsafe adapters


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Nov 2, 2008
I think that, with my next Macbook, I'll go ahead and buy applecare.

I've had the computer under 2 years, and I'm awaiting the the 2nd replacement adapter. Don't know where the first one failed, but the second one must have a loose connection in the magnet/plug area. It takes some playing around with it to get the power light to come on.

And at up to $90 for a replacement, it doesn't take long to pay for applecare :(

This time I'll keep all the boxes that it comes in so if it fails before the year is up, I'll be able to get it replaced under warranty.

After reading reviews, I didn't want to risk the $20 replacements listed on Amazon. I don't want to risk sparks or shorts damaging the computer proper.


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May 30, 2010
Los Angeles, California, USA
Yeah, I've gone through three in the last four years. The last time, I was fed up with paying $80 each time to buy a new one and got a 'refurbished' one off eBay with a 90 day warranty. Works great, still going strong... and a third of the price.


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Apr 25, 2012
I have my MBP 13" for one year, adapter works perfectly. (knocks on the wood).

I understand if MagSafe fails itself if you're everyday going to work or something and tangling that wire on power adapter.


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Sep 13, 2010
More often than not, at the Apple Store (I used to) visit, the Geniuses would deny warranty exchanges for power adapters cable issues due to "abuse" or normal "wear and tear".

In fact, it took a class-action lawsuit for Apple to admit the original Magsafe adapters were faulty.

By then, it was way too late for me to join the class-action to get my money back. I think the only people who truly benefited were the lawyers...