Magsafe Connector - Burnt?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by chel823, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Jun 3, 2011
    Hi, I posted this on Apple Discussions too, but thought I might some more answers here...

    My boyfriend and I are having some issue with a the Magsafe connector on a Macbook Pro (bought in July 2007). We can only get the computer to charge with lot of wiggling of the cord. We cleaned the connector yesterday following the Apple instructions (toothbrush, alcohol) and it works slightly better now, but the connector really looks like it has something really wrong with it.


    I would guess it got burnt at some point based on the looks of it. Should it look exactly the same as the Magsafe connectors on new Macbook Pros? The three middle pins seem to have separated from the two outside pins.

    Here is some backstory on the computer. It had no charging problems for the first year of its life, but during the summer of 2008, my Macbook Pro (85W) charger and a friend's Macbook charger (65W) accidentally got switched, and I didn't realize this until the charger died and I tried to replace it under AppleCare only to find out that it wasn't covered because it wasn't the charger that came with the computer. So I bought a new charger (Fall 2008) and didn't really have any problems after that though I didn't really take a look at the connector so I don't remember if it looked burnt in any way. I started using a new Macbook Pro last summer so my boyfriend became the primary user of this computer. The charger worked fine until about a month or two ago when it started to have intermittent problems and then finally stopped working all together. So lately we've been sharing my new Macbook Pro charger which still charges the new Macbook Pro perfectly and works with some struggle with the old one.

    I feel like with m/ore use though the connector could burn out the new charger. Does anyone know if that's really a risk? Is the computer itself at risk if we keep charging it? My boyfriend had been playing memory-intensive flash on the computer for the last few months which causes it to heat up quite a bit so I don't know if that would have added to the problem.

    Does anyone have an idea of whether we can replace just the connector piece or the problem would require a more extensive repair? Any estimates of costs would be useful as well.

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    Feb 26, 2011
    here's the thing.

    The mag safe connector in the picture is ruined. And if you aren't careful the magsafe charger will end up burnt too which will cause it to ruin anything you try and charge with it. If the connector is ok now then I'd avoid plugging it back into that computer until its fixed. If it is already damaged than I'd be looking at a replacement for that too since you don't want to further damage your other, still working MacBook.

    Once you ID your Mac you can check out the list of repair parts available and see how expensive they are. Ifixit also has very good guides on how to replace the needed parts.

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