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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Emsmu, Apr 1, 2013.

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    This morning my fifth MagSafe charger bit the dust. My laptop is a late 2008 unibody, so it's around 5 years old, yet I can't keep a charger for much longer than a year without the cord by the connector or by the block discoloring, then fraying internally, then snapping off completely. The first four snapped at the connector, this one by the block.

    Originally the cords were under apple care so I didn't have to worry about the cost. The last one was replaced by Apple at the store, and this one they only offered me a 30% discount. I feel like spending that much money on another charger that may possibly last me another year would be ridiculous when there are cheaply made chargers on Amazon that might also last me for a year. I just find it frustrating that I have followed the advice of Apple's site for caring for the chargers as well as the advice I asked the Genius Bar the first four times they replaced the chargers and this problem is still occurring.

    I personally know quite a few people who this has happened to also. Does anybody here share these frustrations, and possibly have any advice?
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    When I had a black MacBook, which had the same adapter than yours, I had the same problem. I went thru 3 chargers. And Apple never covered them under warranty for me!

    The new design has proven to be much better for me (it came with a MBP 2011), but I'm not sure it works with older Macs.

    If you can afford having two chargers, so that you can have one at home and other one at work it might save you in the long run money, since this way you never move them much. But, sadly, I really think this is a case were Apple minimalist design backfires. They care more about a thin and nice cable than a robust and durable one.:(
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    I'm a student, so the two cord idea is unfortunately inapplicable. Most of my life is travel, but I follow all of the advice for wrapping the cord and storing the charger during travel. Unfortunately that only lasts about 14 months.

    Also I started with the square connector, but after the first replacement it has been the L connector, but the cord frays anyway, even with me being careful to not let it bend when connected.

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