Magsafe on 24 inch LED ACD intermittently failing

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by puma1552, Mar 9, 2010.

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    I've noticed over the past few weeks that occasionally my magsafe on the ACD does not charge my Macbook Pro. Sometimes I look and the light on the magsafe is off, but when I look at the computer the computer indeed recognizes that it is connected, but it won't charge. If the battery is below 95%, and the magsafe is connected when the light is out, it just says "not charging". So basically the magsafe is being recognized by the computer but just not doing its job of charging the machine. It is an intermittent problem, and my Macbook Pro magsafe charges every time without fail, so I know it's an issue with the ACD's magsafe.

    Curious to know, has anyone else experienced this or possibly talked to Apple on this and what did they say? Being an intermittent problem and being five hours from an Apple store and being a large display I'd prefer not to go there unless absolutely necessary.
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    Intermittent charging White Macbook
    I purchased an early 2009 13 inch white macbook June 2009. First off the computer came with a black cloth that stained various parts of my computer within days of owning it. Within a few months I noticed that the computer was only charging intermittently. At times the light would turn orange then green and no light at all within minutes. Other times there is no light at all. Unplugging and plugging back in would work most times though many times the battery would not charge to 100%. I also noticed that at times, my power adapter would get extremely hot and would create sparks regardless of which outlet I would use and that many times the prong piece would get detached from the adapter and would have to be removed seperately. Throughout the next few months the same problems with charging continued and my display bezel was completely loose around the bottom of my screen.

    I took the macbook to an apple bar about a month ago which was seven months after I purchased it. I told the "genius" about the cloth staining my computer. He told me that they never have come with cloths. When I insist that it did, he tells me that cloths are for cleaning screens and that the have no place being left near the computer. I tell him that a $1000 white computer should not come with a black cloth that leaks dye. He then runs a battery and charger test telling me that they are both working well and that I am not unplugging the adapter properly. As in, I don't know how to unplug something from an outlet. And that all macbook display bezels are loose like mine. He then notices that the light in the magsafe went out while at the bar. Proposed resolution was to replace the magsafe board and battery connector. If problem not fixed, replace the logic board. I leave my computer there for a week and when I picked it up it is confirmed that they had replaced the logic board, top case w keyboard, battery connector w sleep switch, board magsafe DC in, display bezel and hardware repair level 2. I take the computer home only to have the same intermittently charging problems in addition a loose snap in bezel that can easily be pulled off.

    I take the computer back a week later now with a different "genius". I explain how I was previously in and he sees that everything has been replaced pertaining to charging issues. I ask him if maybe a new adapter would solve the problem. He does a battery and adapter test and says they both are working with no problems. He tries my original adapter, the house charger and a brand new one and notices that all three chargers are intermittently charging my computer. Once the green light remains on for quite some time, we decide that I will take it home again with a new charger. To my mistake, I take it home once again and have the same intermittent problems in addition to noticing a hairline crack in my bottom casing.

    Another week passes and I take the computer to the Apple store again. Unfortunately, I had to deal with the first genius that I filed unsatisfactory complaints against. He plugs my computer in only to see that the computer is not reproducing the charging problem at the bar. He doesn't even bring up my previous file and he goes into their back room and leaves me at the bar for about 10 minutes only for another genius to come out and take over. He continues to say that they have changed everything that they can think of and that there could be a small but doubtful chance that one of the replacement parts were faulty. Regarding the hairline crack he claimed that Apple does not take responsibility for cosmetic flaws such as and that the crack will not cause any future problems for me. I tell him that it is unacceptable for me to be taking home a cracked computer when I never brought it in that condition. After many minutes of not giving up, he now says that they will replace my casing (that they don’t carry in stock) at no charge and that I have to leave my computer for them to run a ASD diagnostic check on overnight. They call me the following day stating that they ran the test and that they found no problems with my computer. Even though they have replaced nothing since the intermittent charging at their genius bar until now. He continues t say that they are waiting for the replacement casing to come and want to see if that could be contributing to the problem which is such a joke. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?! I have now owned this computer for 8 months and it is all replacements parts with gaps and spaces everywhere. Not even close to factory condition and most important, still not charging properly. Will diagnostic tests detect problems if they are intermittent? I am disappointed in the product as I am also disappointed at the customer service that I have experienced. I would have been grateful if my computer was 2-3 years old but this is barely even a year old. I want a new computer. Justified?
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    To the OP, I think you need to bring it in. Or perhaps just call up apple and have your screen shipped out.
    To the second poster, they should just replace the computer at this point... Some geniuses are better then others, most of them are complete (insert name for male genitals here) Like you have been doing, stand your ground, and don't be afraid to talk to a manager until you gain satisfaction. Always get the name of the person your dealing with and make a note of it. I've gone to three different apple stores until I was satisfied when it came to my PB.

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