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Jefe's MacAir

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Nov 21, 2010
So I'm new to the MagSafe2. I LOVED the original on my 2010 and 2011. No problems except the three year old one began to fray. Lots of heavy use on that one.

The new MagSafe2 connects firmly but if you rock it up or down it likes to disconnect. I assume this is to make sure it disconnects properly if it's pulled on but, it likes to disconnect on me due to the angle the cord sits on the armrest next to me on the couch.

Is there a way and or product to help keep it connected more securely? Am I the only one having this issue? I returned the first 2013 I purchased due to charging problem and noticed the same behavior with the that one as well. So I'm thinking it's not me but rather the design of the product and the way I'm using it.


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Dec 9, 2012
I think I know what you are talking about here. If you sit right up against the armrest on your left side then the connector is pulled up and won't connect. I have this problem from time to time as well, just move away from the armrest a few inches and no more problems.


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Feb 3, 2011
I'm not buying another MacBook until they go back to the L-connector for the reasons above. Hope my 2010 MBA lasts until then! :)


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Aug 4, 2012
Simple! Get the old MagSafe power brick (if it's still available) and a MagSafe to MagSafe2 adapter. Viola! L-Shaped MagSafe2! I have this combination at home. My office setup is the T-shaped MagSafe2 which came with my MBA.
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