Mahjongspotting v1.0 released - FREE iphone puzzle game

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    Description Featured on the App Store:
    Hong Kong - iPhone > Board > New & Noteworthy

    Top 100 in Game/Board:
    Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore

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    Norway, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, Denmark, Belgium, Philipines, Russia, China, United Kingdom, Italia

    Mahjongspotting is a new kind of Mahjong puzzle game. The gameplay is simple, you need to choose the tiles to win the game! It is so addictive, it is easy to learn and play, but you need to be a Mahjong master to conquer the game!

    1. 4 different stages
    2. Total 34 levels
    3. Level will be different every time, so you can play it again and again

    How to play:
    Every level is a Mahjong hand which ready to be won. You need to find all winning tiles asap. The faster you can, the more stars you can get.

    See how fast you can win the game! Download it now!

    by Eric Zq
    It is not only a game!
    But also an app for the people who wanna learn the rule of the Mahjon game!

    by Balotan
    Exciting game - 好有教育意義。出去打牌一定唔會食炸糊!


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    Featured on the App Store USA - iPhone > Board > New & Noteworthy


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