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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by nope7308, Apr 23, 2010.

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    I'm trying to set up Mail on my friends computer, but the default setting for Gmail is now IMAP (not POP). I tried configuring the account for POP, but it just won't work. So, I'd like to see if I can work with IMAP...

    My major problem with IMAP is the multiple folders on the left-hand side. I want to have only one set of folders - inbox, sent, trash, personal folders, etc. - all under "MAILBOXES". Is there any way to accomplish this?

    If not, I would like to configure the account as POP. I'm confident that I configured the account correctly, but it doesn't connect to the server and doesn't download new messages. I copied the exact same POP settings from my computer (which works fine), but it still doesn't work on the new computer.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Just asking, you went into Gmail and changed the account settings to POP instead of IMAP. Then, you sent up Gmail on the Apple Mail account as POP also. But this did not work, right?
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    Apr 23, 2010
    Pop vs. IMAP

    With an IMAP account, Apple's mail client tries to set up folders (even those that are empty) that mimics what is on the server. Thus, you don't have control over how they are arranged unless you can change your server settings.

    That said, IMAP is still preferred if you are going to be using more that one device to access the same account. The IMAP server automatically synchronizes the mail across all devices. If you delete it on your desktop computer, it is also deleted from your laptop computer, for example.

    I know when I had a POP mail account, I could not change over to an IMAP account without creating a new account under the MAC Mail client. I suspect the same is true with the reverse, going from IMAP to POP, you will have to create a new account and select POP immediately.

    I am actually using both for one domain I have so I can be sure I am getting reliable service from the hosting company.
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    There are generally only three folders you can set your mail client to use that match up with IMAP folders...

    Drafts -> Server drafts
    Trash -> Server trash/Deleted
    Sent -> Server Sent

    To do that, try this link:

    The other Gmail folders can't be arranged like you would client side folders.

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