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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Smileyguy, Aug 22, 2007.

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    I managed to set up Mail to access my Gmail account without any real problems, but it hasn't done a good job of getting all my emails.

    My gmail account dates back to 2005 and has about 2000 unread messages sitting in it, mainly various mailing lists and promotional stuff that I never bothered to open. Mail has only imported the first few month's worth of messages so far (up to November 2005), and basically every time I click 'Get Mail' it gets another 10-15 new messages, working from 2005 forward. In order to get up to August 2007 I'd probably have to sit here for a whole day clicking 'Get Mail' non-stop.

    Is there any simpler way of doing this? Surely there has to be.

    I also have a second question: Will Mail be able to tell me when I have a new email in my Gmail account rather than having to open up Mail and click 'Get Mail'? Surely that defeats one of the purposes of an email client program.

    Would reaaaallly appreciate some advice.

    Thanks guys & gals.
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    Set it so that Mail checks for new messages every minute.

    This is normal for accounts with LOTS of messages from different times.

    In regards to the other part of the question: no. Keep mail open at all times if you want to be notified of new messages. Have it open automatically when you log onto your computer to eliminate that problem.
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    You can get a gmail notifier that sits in the menu bar and tells you how many emails you have, if you don't want mail open
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