Mail app and subfolders. I need some help.

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by I Need a Drink, Apr 27, 2017.

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    As some of you may know, Verizon is dumping their email service and switching their customers to AOL. Unfortunately, my parents have FIOS and so I had to switch their main email yesterday. They already had a secondary email, that they never used, on, so I just switched them to that and sent out notices to people in their address book.

    Anyone who has FIOS knows that their email service was POP only. They had no IMAP servers, which caused a lot of problems when receiving emails on their iPhones and iPads because they would have to maintain each device's inboxes separately, which they didn't do, to keep from storing thousands of emails. I tried to get them to switch to an IMAP service for years, to no avail.

    They use Outlook on their PC to manage their emails and we setup numerous sub-folders for family, business, etc while they were still using POP. Yesterday, I setup the account in Outlook 2010 and began setting up their folders and rules again. However, I can't find a way to make the folders and sorting only on the computer. Any new folder and rules set up in Outlook seem to automatically sync to the server which would be fine for any PCs, but on their phones and iPads, they just want to keep one inbox for everything rather than having to navigate and sort through different folders to find emails. On a computer with Outlook, or other mail app, it works well, but on a phone while on the go, it just isn't that intuitive. Is there a way to have the iOS mail app just show everything, including subfolders, just in the inbox? Anyone have any other suggestions?
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    IMAP or Exchange just reflect what's on the server so you can't have folders and sorting "not appear" on the iPhone or iPad.

    They do know how to use the searchbar in Mail, don't they? It searches all folders.
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    Well... been not using POP for years now.
    And unfortunately, apple mail does not include anything within a sub folder in their "all inbox" view so...
    I have no idea.

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