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    Running the latest updates in leopard. I know there's nothing physically wrong with my macbook, and my software is in in excellent working order. I'm very experienced, etc.. I know nothing should be out of the ordinary to cause this problem.

    Ever since I updated to 10.5.4, about a few weeks after that update, my WOULD NOT load. Within a few seconds after launching mail, it will crash and i've sent a few error reports to apple.

    I couldn't find anything googling around for a result other than "ah.. well, just archive and install maybe??.. uhh".. blah, whatever I just want to make it work instead of re-doing my OS.

    The only way I could get mail to run is to move my whole 6GB mail database out of my library. Mail launched great, shows all of my messages, but when I go to a message from the past, it will not show me that message because of course, I moved the database. Most of that data out of my gmail is not on the server anymore because its from way back in the past when gmail was limited in size.

    Well, I dealt with that and kept my old database to later figure out how to get it working again.

    Well, now mail is doing that again. I repaired permissions, did fsck for check disk in single user mode, etc.. no errors no problems. Why?
    I'm not running any other mail software at all nor do I send or receive any complicated or incompatible file formats.

    Anyone else with this issue with a fix? ...

    In the past 3 years it just seems like apple's software is beginning to look a lot better than it works.

    EDIT: could it be due to the fact that I am running safari 4.0 beta?
    I have been looking for the installer from apple but i CANNOT find wherever it was that I first downloaded it to use the uninstaller that is built into the installer. If anyone has a hold of that, please please let me know. Thanks
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    Dec 26, 2008
    Same for me

    I updated last night and the mail program will not allow me at attach a file. It just keeps crashing and then I send report and repeat the process.

    I have run full OnyX and everything seems to be ok. But mail not working any ideas....


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    Nov 8, 2005
    Is this a typo?
    We are at 10.5.6

    EDIT: in this case look at this

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