displays bizarre incorrect mails - thunbderbird and is OK

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    So from yesterday, when I check my I can see a summary of new mails I have received.

    However when I open (or preview) them the app displays a blank message, together with a forwarded message from 14 months ago.

    Like this...


    From: Joe Bloggs:
    Date: Today
    Subject: Joe's news

    (forwarded message)

    From: Somebody Else
    Date: August last year
    Subject: Somebody else' news

    Text from a mail writen by somebody else to me over a year ago

    /* end of example

    More details:

    1. The rogue (forwarded) mails appear to be sequential i.e they all happen to be from August 22nd 2008, appearing subsequenelt in time and date order

    2. When I view my mail in either mobileme or thunderbird, the correct messages are displayed.

    Clearly mails on the mail server are therefore correct. So the problem must be with the right ?

    I didn't make any changes to my mac. This issue appeared to start all by itself.


    What is going on with the and what can I do to bring it back into line?

    I hope this makes sense and ope soemone can help me

    Thanks in advance.
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    Jul 25, 2008
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