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Discussion in 'macOS' started by DOUGHNUT, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Hey all,
    Ever since I upgraded to Leopard over a year ago, my has been pretty buggy. my is currently set up to connect to my university IMAP server with SSL and password authentication. Before I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard, mail would always retrieve any new mail on the IMAP server every minute and any time I press get mail. Ever since I upgraded however, the get mail function hasn't worked exactly as it should. sometimes get mail would work, sometimes it won't, and sometimes it takes a long time for my computer to automatically retrieve new e-mails. The weird thing is, connection doctor shows no connection abnormality, and if get mail doesn't work, I can get it to work again if I quit and reopen mail, which is always a pain. Mail on my iPhone works perfectly (syncs to my MBP), and I have already tried deleting, reinstalling from my Leopard DVD and basically resetting all settings. It's just weird, hoping someone can help me out.

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    IMAP = PAIN in the *** ?

    Hello everybody,
    I made quiet the same experience. My home-Setup is an Airport Extreme BaseStation (100MBit), a MacBookPro and an iPhone. Both synced.

    Since I got the iPhone, I change my mailaccount to IMAP to have all the "great" features, but ...
    I tried everything to get my and my iPhone-Mail.App to run without any errors, but there is no way. (about 3 hours)
    SSL or not, just changed the errorwarrnings. Now here comes the best, today my internet provider crashed down and I joined my neighbors network to continue my work. And .. final.. everythings works without a problem.
    My neighbors router isn't made by apple, it's a normal wlan-router, I think made by siemens. NAT is on - UPnP is on, too.

    So, the problem comes from my BaseStation's config, but it has the same settings as my neighbor's one.
    What to do ? But some rules for Port Forwoarding in it? That doesn't make sense to me at all.

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