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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by indigoblu, Aug 11, 2005.

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    Apr 21, 2005
    I know there are other posts that have discussed similar issues, but none with my specific problems or solutions that work for me.

    I have a .mac account, have for many years now. I've always used and never had a problem with Apple's Mail program in Panther and previous OS's. I bought a new computer this summer and it has only ever had Tiger on it, but the Tiger Mail program seems "buggy" with .mac email.

    Apple tech says there is no problem, and when I post on Apple discussion for help, they have repeatedly deleted my post (stating it does not follow their guidelines to post issues that I need help with).

    Here is the problem I have. When I open Mail, sometimes the program just hangs or stalls for up to 10 min. (when I quit or force quit the program). It happens sometimes when it is checking for new mail, sometimes when it is sending mail, sometimes when it is composing mail, sometimes it doesn't actually send mail when it says it did, and sometimes it happens when it is opening mail in my inbox (in fact some emails without attachments never open or I can only view them partially). It doesn't just happen in emails with attachments, it happens on small emails with no attachments. But when I get an email with an attachment - forget it - I have to use webmail in Safari to open that email.

    I don't have the plist file to erase that was previously suggested. Anybody have other advice on how to make Apple's Mail program work with Apple's mail server????? I can provide more details if that will help.

    Again, I know this has been discussed in other places - but not this specific issue or solutions that work with this issue. Please help me....
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    Sorry, I don't have any specific advice, but this bit of your post interests me. Where's your Mail preference file gone? Have you deleted it already or is it that you just can't find it? If you haven't then I really do recommend tracking it down (try Spotlighting '' - should be in user/library/preferences) and deleting it as a first step.

    You may also like to delete these other two Mail preference files and setting up your Mail accounts from scratch (just in case they're causing a problem):

    MailAccounts.plist (in Library/Mail/AccountTypes/com.mac.mailaccounts)
    SmartMailboxes.plist (in User/Library/Mail)


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