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    I'm having some trouble tracking this down... I just noticed that the Archive option wasn't showing up when I swiped a message on a Gmail account on my iPhone, nor was it available in options. However, I have the Archive button in on the toolbar and use it often, which puts my mail in [Imap]/Archive.

    The Archive button reappeared when I deleted my account on iOS and re-added it. When I swipe and Archive a message, sure enough it moves it from my Inbox, but I have no idea where it moves it to. It doesn't show up under Archive/Gmail Account in, nor does it show up in the Archive folder on iOS.

    And yet, when I search for the message I can find it, but it doesn't show what folder it's in. I have the [All Mail] folder set to Hide in IMAP because previously it was showing duplicates when I was searching for messages. If Archiving in iOS does indeed just put mail in the All Mail folder I'm fine with that and turning All Mail back to 'show', so long as Archiving on behaves the same way. Is there a way to get these two in sync?

    EDITED: To add that I think I can summarize my problem in one sentence: iOS Mail uses's Gmail's Archive methodology [All Mail], while ML's Mail uses its own [Imap]/Archive.

    At the risk of getting off topic in this forum, is there a way to force iOS to Archive messages to [Imap]/Archive, or force Mountain Lion to Archive messages to [All Mail]?
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    bump. I'd like to know this as well. I want to use the Archive button on but set it to save to IMAP/[All Mail] instead of whatever random Archive folder it creates on the GMail server.

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