Mail App Keeps Freezing

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by warren454, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. warren454 macrumors newbie

    Nov 25, 2011
    Every time I open my mail app I keep getting the beachball and I have to force quit. I have also tried it in safe mode and same outcome. My wife has an account on this computer and her mail app works with no problem. I have also tried to reinstall the app with the install disk but it will not let me the application is greyed out. My CPU usage also goes to 100% while it is beach balling. I am running 10.7.2.

    Pleas Help!
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    Do you have lots of emails stored in Mail?

    May not be the same, but a few years back when I still used MS Entourage for mail, I had issues with the email database getting corrupted...usually when the amount of emails and attachments in it got to be huge size...with Entourage there was a way to rebuild the database file which usually fixed things...

    Looks like you can do the same in Mail.....check out this link for example...

    If you google Apple Mail Rebuild Mailboxes, you'll find other pages as well...

    In addition you can type in Rebuild Mailboxes in the Help menu in Mail and it will give you some info too....

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    Mar 23, 2012
    Mail freezing

    Posted this elsewhere but this seems like same problem your having:-

    I have fixed Mail freezing on my Macbook running 10.6.8 and I know how frustrating this problem is so I'm sharing, for what its worth, how I solved it.

    To re-cap: suddenly last night I'm writing an email and the mac just freezes, rainbow spinning wheel, no keyb response. 1 min later and its ok, 10 secs later it freezes again and so on. It also stopped other apps as well. Nothing happened leading up to this event at all - no sign of disk failure, no dodgy emails, no new installs, been running all day ok.

    Lots of info exists about possible things to try so here's what I DIDN'T do:-

    Do a check disk / permissions check
    Rebuild any mailboxes
    Start in safe mode and open / close Mail.

    What I did do is basically deleted some folders in the Mail dir on the hard disk with Finder (what a Cr=p name and icon) and Mail caved in and re-imported all my mail. This must be done with Mail CLOSED.

    There was a scientific approach to what was deleted:-
    I was having it hang mainly trying to sort Junk mail plus many people reported faults with that and the Deleted Items folder. So all Junk folders where deleted in Finder (Moved to Trash just in case!).

    I had some drafts open so deleted everything in the drafts folder as well.

    I had a load of emails pushed down to the task bar (or whatever its called) which were slow at loading up so I cleared that folder as well.

    When I re-started Mail it said I was very naughty and would have to import all my emails again. So I did and 10 mins later I was up and running but with re-newed mailboxes.

    I tentatively turned accounts back on, deleted old mail, quitting and re-starting mail at each stage and all was ok.

    Looking at the forums I may have a bad hard disk where possibly the Junk folder was living so I may not have removed the cause yet. At least I'd backed up with time machine (the best piece of sw to be included in any Op Sys) onto a Verbatim 1TB ext HD (best magnetic media manufacturer - been using them since the days of 8 inch floppies).

    Hope this helps you guys out there on T'interweb and saves you hours of frustration.

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