Notify Me w/o ALL mail notifications on?


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May 13, 2002
Hi gang,

Here's something I've been interested in, but haven't had a chance to figure it out yet, so wondering if anyone else has already as it would be super useful.

I'd like to utilize the new thread notifications (Notify Me) provided in iOS 8, but I don't want to be notified of ALL new mail.

Having Notifications fully turned off for Mail, and tagging a thread with Notify Me, does not result in a notification that new mail has been added to the thread.

Question is, is this even possible? Is there a middle ground here, so that I can receive Notify Me notifications, but NOT receive ALL new mail notifications?


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Oct 17, 2011
Yes, what you want is doable. You can do it by specific threads using the new Notify feature, you can do it by specific senders using the VIP feature that was there from some time ago, and you can do it just by all new mail. You should be able to set different settings for these in the Mail notification settings in the Notification area of the Settings app.


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Apr 12, 2012
What you've described is basically the whole point of this new option. Otherwise what use do you think it would have?
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