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Nov 24, 2008
I give up, there's no way of getting and Outlook to talk nice together when using formatted text and attachments.

I'm using "insert images at the bottom of the mail" (or whatever it's called in english :) ) as I read that some users wouldn't be able to read/receive any text _after_ the attachment/image if you insert image inline in the message. And also because it's annoying that everything you drag in / attach are displayed in the middle of everything, if you are writing. Mucher nicer it goes to the bottom.

But if it goes to the bottom, and the mail is Formatted Text, then the recipient, in Outlook and Gmail, will not see the paperclip-attachment icon. If it's a long mail, and they don't scroll to the bottom, they won't know there's an attachment.

Now, simply switching to Plain Text seem to solve it all. But then you loose other advantages such as, well, the formatting options :) And if somebody is sending you HTML stuff / a newsletter, it will become totally messed up when you reply/forward HTML stuff as plain text.

I'm of course also using the "send attachments windows users can open".

So, what are you guys doing to make sure Outlook users receive/see your attachments while using Formatted Text?

I think for now, I'll just write a note ("see below attachment") whenever I attach something to a formatted mail, just to be sure they notice it.

Edit: Seems like it's possible to send formatted mail to ie. Gmail with attachments, without problems. But if you're replying to a mail that contains some HTML stuff, then the images will go to the bottom of the mail without looking as attachments (displayed inline). Very complicated this issue :( I hope it's not's fault :D

Edit 2: Okay, seems like it's only with images. Attaching a document or something, it shows up as an attachment. Images show up "inline", so if they are added to the bottom of the mail, that's why the recipient doesn't know unless they scroll down and view.

I guess the conclusion is:

If using formatted text and mailing images "at the bottom of the mail", be sure to let the user know that you have attached images to the bottom of the mail. If attaching other files, there's no problem.

And the question is - how do you attach images so they appear as attached files, instead of inline images?
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