Problem with message font!

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    Heys guys,

    I'm in trouble with

    I need to use that software because of my work, and I need to use a specific type of Font&Size to send my emails. All the company members use Trebuchet size 10.

    I went to Preferences, and I put this definitions


    And in the signature I put this:


    In my text box It appears to be all correct, with the correct font

    But when I send the email it change everything! My signature have the correct font, but not size 10 like i show before, it has size 13!! And the font that I send come to the recipient in Times New Roman!!!!

    Ie. of an email reply that I edit and select the text - you can see what type of font the recipient get from me (and this happen with all the people I send email to).


    Can anyone help me? Because it's really important, I need to have the same type of the institution that i work... if not ... =/

    Thanx in Advance
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    Oct 26, 2006

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