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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Ntombi, Aug 15, 2009.

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    I'm transitioning from Entourage to Mail, and I cannot figure out how to set a rule in Mail that tells it to check the header for mail I sent from my iPhone, mark it as read, and move it to the "sent" mail folder. Obviously, with IMAP, it's not an issue, but two of my addresses still only support POP mail, so I have to figure this out.

    On Entourage, I used "X-Mailer contains 'iPhone Mail,'" along with my sent from name.

    In Apple Mail, I tried to edit the header list to include X-Mailer, but that didn't work, and I can't think of how to make this work. It's late, I've searched, and I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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    I think your best bet might be to set-up a signature on the Mail app on your iphone ("Sent from my iPhone" for example), and use the Rules pref. to scan for any mail that has that specific signature in it. From there, just tell it what to do. That's the only way I can see around it.

    However, if you don't want to have "Sent from my iPhone" (and I don't know who could blame you; it's kind of obnoxious, but it also guards against judgment from typos), I don't have a solution.

    Good luck.

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