Mail app sending mail from diff accounts. Please help.

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    Hi guys, I checked all my settings and am unsure whats the culprit. If I read an email from "X" account, and reply, sometimes it will be sent as "Y" account. I have 4 accounts in my Mail app (all from gmail) and they get mixed up.

    I always make sure the correct email account is checked before sending, but it still sends differently at times.

    What is wrong with my settings? Any help appreciated! this is a headache.

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    Is this while using gmail? I noticed this too and it was causing issues for me since it was using an account I only use for bills. That said, I noticed my gmail SMTP (outgoing server) was offline for the account I wanted to use. I tried to put it back online and it was a no-go so I deleted all SMTP servers and started new. It was not a problem to do and I didn't lose any e-mail, I just needed to spend 5 minutes to take care of the issue.

    It seems to be okay now. I did notice that when sending a reply it would show the correct address but as you have experienced, the e-mail would have actually sent from another e-mail address.
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    um, so did you fix it or is the problem still there?
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    You didn't bold the key point there. ;)
    "It seems to be okay now ..."
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    That should have been the last sentence. Thanks I'll give it a shot.
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    You're going to dictate how someone helps you? That's real cute.
    Pro tip: When you ask for help and get it don't be a jerk about it and decide that the sentence structure is not up your specifications.
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    There are two things you should do to make sure that you have full control over which account you're sending from:

    1) In the Mail preferences (version 6.2, but it should be similar for versions 4 and 5), under the Accounts section and the Account Information, make sure that "Use only this server" is checked for the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) option, and ensure that the server corresponds to the account that you expect it to. Run through all of your accounts and make sure that the box is checked for each one.

    This is critical, as even a small connection error will cause Mail to use a different outgoing server, which will alter which email account the message comes from. You wouldn't be alerted to this at the time, either. With this option checked you'll see that the message is still sitting around your Outbox, and you'll have the option of holding it there and re-sending later or manually changing the email account.

    2) You want to know which email account you're sending from. I don't count this as critical because the behavior is usually predictable, as long as you've restricted the outgoing server as outlined above; replying to an email will use the account that the original message was sent to. Regardless, if you don't already have it visible, you want the "From" field to be visible to you on your email messages. This was disabled for me by default; I don't know if that's still the case.

    To enable the "From" field in Mail 6.2, create a new email. In the message window there should be a button to the left and a bit beneath the "Subject" field with three lines and a little drop-down triangle. Click it and hit "Customize." A "From:" field should appear beneath the "Subject:" field. Make sure that the checkbox to the left of "From" is checked; you can also enable other fields if you like. Click on "OK" to exit the customization. Now you can see which account you're sending from, and change it if you wish.
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    lol learn to write if you want to help
    read your own last paragraph your conclusion was the first sentence and your last sentences were contradictions, so no, we don't need your "Pro" tips

    Now dont get so emotional girl.
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    what a D!

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