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Feb 7, 2002
hi all. quick question (i searched and did not find an exact match for this problem...)

i've got running with my imap email. i have the main inbox, and then i have subfolders. one of those subfolders has another subfolder... however, i've inadvertently moved one subfolder INTO another... now when i try to move it out to just under inbox level, i am unable. it only lets me drag into another subfolder. any idea how to somehow get the subfolder out?! i've looked on my webmail and mailboxes set up on the host side and can't figure out a way (it's dreamhost)...

i'm attaching a picture to show what i mean... i want to take the "wait" subfolder out of the "review" folder, and make it just a subfolder of inbox...

any help would be awesome. thanks


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Jun 27, 2007
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I don't have imap mail. (I don't have subfolders in my inbox) but i think it works the same as with other subfolders. So i tested it, i think it works the same.
Just drag the mailbox you want to move - in your case 'wait' - onto 'Inbox' or the grey 'MAILBOXES' (it will get a dark outline if you do) and let go of your mousebutton. It will the appear as a separate mailbox in your list again.



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Jan 10, 2002
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I don't know why the original poster didn't comment back (in either a good or bad), but I have the same problem and I do not have the On My Mac part.

Anyone have an answer to this, like the op, I have a folder, and a subfolder, and all I want to do is make the subfolder go into being a regular folder on it's own. This got to be possible...


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Jul 23, 2002
I'm struggling with the same problem. I finally switched from my ancient Eudora to as part on my move this week to a new Mac and Leopard. I successfully imported my many mailboxes and thousands of emails into, and they all show up within a folder called Import. I can create new mailboxes at the top level -- the same level as Inbox and Import -- but now I want to drag the sub-folders out of Import to the top level. Since I have a POP account, I don't have "On My Mac" to drag folders onto, and dragging them onto Inbox or anywhere else I've tried has resulted in no movement.

I realize I could create new mailboxes at the top level, then move all my messages, mailbox by mailbox from the imported sub-folder to the new top level folder -- but then I'd have to re-define all my many filtering Rules which I just finished setting up! Moving the mailbox via the Finder, then re-launching Mail and rebuilding each mailbox also appears to work -- but also means I'd have to re-define all my Rules to find the new mailbox locations. There has to be an easier way, right?


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Apr 21, 2017
Ridiculously, I am having the same problem.

Has anyone come across a fix?

The only thing I can think of doing is creating a new subfolder which all other subfolders will now sit under. I might call the subfolder "Mac Mail is rubbish"
[doublepost=1492758817][/doublepost]I just realised that you can't create a subfolder in Mac Mail.

This whole problem can be sorted by logging in to the webmail of your provider.