To-Do's not syncing with MobileMe

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  1. MiataMac macrumors member

    Nov 24, 2008
    I'm not sure to explain this, I only just figured out why etc. myself. But I'll try.

    In iCal's left column I have:

    * Private
    * Work

    * Work

    When in iCal, I can only create events in the "CALENDARS", because, according to iCal, the "MOBILEME: Work" is a calendar created for to-do's within Mail and I cannot add event to it.

    So I figure, in, I'll just add my to-do's to the "CALENDARS: Work"-calendar, but no I can't ... the only option I have is the "MOBILEME: Work"-calendar, like in this image where the option is "Home", from Apple's website:


    It seems to be because the e-mail to which I'm attaching a To-Do is received on my MobileMe account, as I use for all my e-mail (I have several Mac's and an iPhone).

    If I use a POP3 account, I can select any of the "CALENDARS"-calendars, but not the calendars within the MOBILEME category.

    So basically I'm screwed here. I use MobileMe for all my mail as I reply to mail from lots of places, but because of that, I cannot use To-Do lists properly. It's sooo easy to just highlight a text from an e-mail and click "To-Do button" and that's pretty much it. The only alternative is to create a manually To-Do but I don't know if you can link to the e-mail that way, etc.

    What to do here?

    Edit: I guess if I could just tell to use my local calenders for to-do's, then they would automatically be synced with MobileMe just like my events in those same calendars. But maybe that's not possible?
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    Jan 23, 2005
    I have the same complaint/issue as you, and have not found a good solution. It appears that MobileMe todos cannot be made to appear in the web based calendar. This plus the lack of todo syc for iPhone are a major hole in the use of the iPhone/MobileMe package for any kind of serious business use.
  3. MiataMac thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 24, 2008
    Ok, at least I'm not the only one :)

    Well, I have just accepted that I mostly use my MacBook Pro for work, so the to-do's I create from MobileMe mails received at the MBP will only be accessible from the same MBP where I perform most of the actual work, so it's not a complete dealbreaker (but close!).

    It's odd though, to-do's created from a MobileMe mail can ONLY be in the MOBILEME-calendars and to-do's and notes I created manually within can ONLY be used in the iCal calendars (that are MobileMe syncable).

    I cross my fingers that they will have optimized this workflow in Snow Leopard, or that Santa Claus will deliver a recipe to me on how to efficiently apply GTD stuff to the current tools available.

    I wouldn't wanna do without my MobileMe mail, it's just so great that I can read and reply to both personal and private mails wherever I am and don't have to consider "didn't I read this already?" when using POP3 etc.

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