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    Hi all,
    my wife sends me PDF invoices via email. I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion from Leopard. (G5). It was a big jump! At first mail didn't have all my old emails. My wife retrieved a mail folder from Time Machine manually and then it worked.


    But now she's sending me an invoice from a client, and mail is attaching 4 or 5 old emails from her the she did not attach, and that have nothing to do with the client! We've checked her sent folder, and there's not a hint of the old emails (from Feb and March to other customers!) in there. Is there some viewing thing I'm doing wrong? Some funky new function in preferences I need to turn off?

    ALSO: I can't just drag and drop PDF's to my preferred folders. I have to manually click the 'save' button and pan through the folders like a PC goon. There's no simple 'drag and drop' like I used to... or if there is, it only works 5% of the time. What's happening? Have I lost my mind? :confused::eek::confused::eek:

    I've hit rebuild. It's still not fixed. Any ideas?

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