Mail client isn't updating my Gmail account

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by barrett14, Nov 21, 2013.

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    After upgrading to Maverick, the Mail client is not reflecting an accurate update of my gmail account... For example, before when I deleted an email on my phone, the change was immediately reflected on my mail client. Now, Mail is showing all of these e-mails in my inbox that I had deleted on my phone. Sometimes, it will refresh and show an accurate representation of my inbox but only like once a day.

    yes I updated to the latest version of Mail. I also deleted my gmail account and re-added it. The mail client on my Macbook does NOT do this.. only the mail client on my iMac. (Both comps are using Maverick.)

    Thanks in advance
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    Go into your Gmail account on the web and go to the upper right corner gear icon and select 'Settings'. In Settings hide most everything from iMap except Inbox and Saved and those boxes that you only need. Then go back in regular Gmail and move all you saved emails to a save folder or archive and try to reach Inbox Zero. This will help out a lot.

    Then on your Mac open Mail and go to Mail's Preferences, Accounts, your Gmail account, 'Mailbox Behaviors' and set what you want to see and how long.

    See if this helps, Good Luck.

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